“If you are looking to get into MongoDB world, this book is a nice complement to online documents, that delivers content on a ordered way to drive through most of MongoDB features.” – Jose Da Silva

“This was a great book for those looking to get their feet wet with MongoDB. PHP And MongoDB covered many more topics than many of the MongoDB books I have read recently and while I am not a PHP developer gave me a few more ways to leverage MongoDB in my day to day work. I especially enjoyed the chapters on Geospatial functionality and the GridFS system. Both of these topics we handled throughly and are typically glossed over in other books.” – Michael B. Benner

“My preferred part of the books are the examples: the code is presented full and complete, and only after that, you can read the explanation, with snippets taken from it. You can have a full view of the code and analyze it by yourself, or read the description snippet by snippet.” – Alessandro Pellizzari

“What I liked about this book is that almost as quickly as I’d formulate some question about performance, I’d happen upon answers in the book, as if it knew what would come to my mind at each point.” – Sean Hull

“So overall this book is a good reference/training book who wants to learn mongodb using PHP for first time,beside that author explained many under the hood topics. Clear instruction and several pop up quizes made the chapters enjoyable to read and learn.” – Mushfiq  E  Mahbub