About the book

MongoDB is an open source, non-relational database system designed to meet the needs of modern Web 2.0 applications. It is currently being used by some of the most popular websites in the world. This book introduces MongoDB to the web developer who has some background building web applications using PHP. It teaches what MongoDB is, how it is different from relational database management systems, and when and why developers should use it instead of a relational database for storing data.

The book follows a “Code first, explain later” approach, using practical examples in PHP to demonstrate unique features of MongoDB. It does not overwhelm you with information (or starve you of it), but gives you enough to get a solid practical grasp on the concepts.

You will learn how to build PHP applications that use MongoDB as the data backend; solve common problems, such as HTTP session handling, user authentication, and so on. You will also learn to solve interesting problems with MongoDB, such as web analytics with MapReduce, storing large files in GridFS, and building location-aware applications using Geospatial indexing. Check out the Table of Contents for more details.

Who is this book for?

There are number good books out there to learn MongoDB. However they are mostly focused on the database itself, and not much focused on application development. If you are a PHP developer looking to get started and get going with building web apps with MongoDB as the database, you might find this book useful. It assumes that you know how to build web sites using PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Having a working knowledge on a relational database such as MySQL may help you grasp the concepts quicker, but it’s not strictly mandatory.

No prior knowledge of MongoDB required.

About the author

My name is Rubayeet Islam. I am a Software Developer with over 4 years of experience in large-scale web application development on open source technology stacks (LAMP, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails). I am currently involved in developing cloud-based distributed software that use MongoDB as their analytics and metadata backend. I have also spoken in seminars to promote the use of MongoDB and NoSQL databases in general. I graduated from the University of Dhaka with a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering.

You can follow me in Twitter or read my blog at Glorified Geek.